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Betsy Grimbal's Tower on a sunny day

Our Projects - Rediscovering Tavistock Abbey

Tavistock Heritage Trust is leading and co-ordinating a community project to discover the original footprint of Tavistock Abbey, once an influential Benedictine abbey with extensive land holdings in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles.


Local people and schools are being invited to join a dig led by former archaeologists to re-discover the original floor level of Betsy Grimbal’s tower, the name now given to the western gateway to the 13th-century abbey.


The project Rediscovering Tavistock Abbey will also use the latest research techniques to discover the true site of the abbey which is only partially understood through small-scale 19th and 20th century archaeological digs.


In addition, the Trust is working with Tavistock Town Council to secure grant funding to prevent the deterioration of abbey remains and further funding to restore and allow public access to the Still House and Betsy Grimbal’s Tower.  

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