Our Projects

Tavistock Heritage Trust is a newly-formed organisation and our plans and activities are still evolving. If you’d like to join or support us at this exciting time, please have a look at our Get Involved pages.


In the near-future, the Trust’s major role will be to manage the Guildhall Gateway Centre and the new Visitor Information Centre in Tavistock town centre. However, we also have a wide range of other activities and projects in development. 

‘Guildhall Memories’ Oral History Project

Before the closure of the magistrates’ court in 1997 and the police station in 2012, Tavistock’s Guildhall was a busy workplace and a central point in the life of the town. As part of the scheme to restore and reopen the Guildhall, we will be running an oral history project to collect people’s memories of the Guildhall and the wider themes of policing, crime and justice in the town

Tavistock Granite Project

Granite from the quarries near Tavistock has been used all around the country – Foggintor Quarry, for instance, provided the granite for Nelson’s Column. In many cases, however, the exact origin of granite masonry is unknown. This project aims to match masonry with the quarry it came from – each quarry produced granite with a slightly different structure and composition, allowing us to identify where each block of granite was quarried.

‘Where’s our Abbey Gone?’

At its peak, Tavistock Abbey was a vast complex of buildings which stretched from the river to St Eustachius, and from the Guildhall almost to what is now the Wharf. Much of the Abbey’s structure has disappeared since the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1539 – some still stands (such as Court Gate) and some of the foundations are undoubtedly buried under the modern town centre, but the majority of the Abbey’s fabric has vanished. It seems likely that much of this masonry was reused by later builders, and may be incorporated in some of Tavistock’s buildings. This project aims to find these remnants of the old Abbey.

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Working with local schools

As part of the Guildhall project, we will be working with local schools to develop a range of activities for children of all ages. This will include both teaching resources and learning sessions, mostly focused on Tavistock during the nineteenth-century mining boom and the role of the police and justice system.


Lectures, walks and other events

The Trust will run a regular and varied calendar of lectures, heritage suppers, guided tours and other events. These will be posted on our website and circulated on our mailing list..