• Tavistock Heritage Trust

Local support to help reopen Tavistock’s Visitor Information Centre

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Tavistock Heritage Trust will be reopening the Tavistock Visitor Information Centre (VIC) this summer to help welcome visitors to the town and to support local businesses. The centre will be run by volunteers and overseen by Tavistock Heritage Trust. Both Tavistock Town Council and West Devon Borough Council have contributed to the project and will continue to support it in the months and years to come.

The VIC will return to its previous location in Court Gate on Bedford Square, right in the heart of Tavistock. The services offered will include visitor information handling, retail sales and ticketing for local attractions, as well as walking tours around the town. Although managed by a charity, the VIC will operate on a commercial basis to minimise the need for public subsidies: in particular, revenue will be raised from ticket sales, retail, advertising/sponsorship from local businesses and donations.

To help get the Visitor Information Centre up and running, Ian Williams Ltd kindly donated staff time and resources to decorate the whole of the Visitor Information Centre.

Sinead O’Neill, Head of Client Services at leading asset management company Ian Williams commented: “The team was absolutely delighted to work with Tavistock Heritage Trust on this project and are looking forward to the opening event. We work in hundreds of homes across the region, so being able to give something back to the community is important to us. Ian Williams is one the UK’s largest painting companies, so were in the perfect position to donate paints and the time of our talented workforce in Devon to support this initiative.”

Andrew Main, chairman of the Trust said: “We are ever so grateful for the support from Ian Williams, who have redecorated the VIC to an excellent standard. We can now re-open the VIC to support local businesses and ensure that all our visitors get a warm welcome to Tavistock“

The VIC will be hosting an open day on Thursday 21st June – 10am until 2pm for local businesses to come in and see what is happening and to drop off their leaflets.

For more information on the Visitor Information Centre, click here.