Surviving 1620 - a talk by Laura Quigley

21 July 2022, 18:00:00

Tavistock Guildhall, Court Gate, Tavistock, PL19 0AE


Surviving 1620 - a talk by Laura Quigley

In 1620, the passengers of the Mayflower famously crossed the Atlantic, many not surviving past their first Winter. European diseases were invading a new world. 400 years later, the commemorations of that voyage were postponed by the global migration of a new disease. Are we seeing history repeat itself? Or can we learn from the experiences of the settlers and the natives forced to adapt to a ‘new normal’? In this entertaining illustrated talk, local writer Laura Quigley continues her study of English migration and its consequences, focusing on 17th-century health and healthcare issues.

Organised by Tavistock Guildhall.