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Discover Tavistock - The Wharves

24 June 2023 at 13:00:00

Tavistock Guildhall Court Gate Tavistock PL19 0AE


Discover Tavistock - The Wharves

The five wharves at the head of Tavistock Canal are, today, largely hidden from public view, but in the early nineteenth century they were major sites of activity for transporting minerals, ores and goods from the town to the River Tamar at Morwellham, and bringing essential supplies back to the town. This short, flat walk, lasting approximately 90 minutes, visits all five wharves and is based on archaeological and historical studies by Robert Waterhouse, which were published in 2017.

All monies raised helps to support the running of the Tavistock Guildhall. Thank you for supporting us.

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